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PharmaCore® offers:

  • Custom organic synthesis
  • cGMP scale-up
  • nonGMP and GMP API Manufacture
  • cGMP Analytical services
  • Controled Substance R&D and manufacture
  • Contract research



PharmaCore is a leader in fostering the commercial development of small molecule drug discovery and development in pharmaceutical, discovery platform, and biotechnology companies. The PharmaCore offering parallels the drug discovery process and provides significant advantages at each step from lead discovery to lead optimization, chemical synthesis and scale-up of pharmaceutical intermediates as well as chemical process R&D.

  • PharmaCore is an industry leader in custom organic synthesis using diverse chemistries to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients and scaffolds.
  • PharmaCore has specialized GMP facilities for scale-up of pharmaceutical chemicals in multi-kilogram quantities. These include eight GMP production areas. PharmaCore® assures the highest standards of quality management backed by an extensive GMP documentation system.
  • At PharmaCore’s we  are equipped to provide nonGMP and GMP API manufacture from grams to 100’s of kilograms.
  • PharmaCore has recently enhanced its analytical capabilities by expanding into new state-of-the-art cGMP analytical services laboratories. Offering a diverse range of analytical testing capabilities and experienced methods development and validation services, as well as years of industry-proven expertise, PharmaCore® can meet your analytical needs, big or small, long-range or short.
  • At PharmaCore we are licensed to manufacture controlled substances in schedules 2-5. We have experience in the logistics management of these regulated materials under licenses that include Analytical, Research and Manufacturing.
  • Many of our clients utilize PharmaCore’s highly experienced scientists as an extension of their own chemistry team by way of short and long term contract research programs.